Monday, February 1, 2010

Misc Reading - Week of Jan 9

Misc reading from the week of Jan 9 2010

  • Cringley wonders why we run our "credit card operations so well and our national security so poorly" [link]
  • Seth Godin links to a site of vintage ads. Cool [link]
  • Event-based concepts for user-driven visualization, from the Info Viz blog [link]
  • Jeff Atwood, of the Coding Horror site, takes exception to netbook bashing [link]
  • Vivek Wadhwa, on the Techcrunch site, on fight and flight in IP battles [link]
  • Cringely's rant on banks [link]
  • The Penguin publishing group crows about its successes in 2009. Yay! [link]
  • On the continuing fascination with Jane Austen [link]
  • The Daily WTF and why no testing is good! [link]
  • Bruce Schneier on the comparative risks of terrorism [link]
  • Deve Gowda, former PM, and his flowery language [link]
  • UCLA and India-bashing [link]
  • Cringely prognosticates on Apple [link]
  • Cringley has no soft corner for IBM. [link]