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Flipkart and Focus 4 - Beware the Whispering Death

The fourth part of my series on Flipkart and its apparent loss of Focus and its battle with Amazon appeared in DNA on April 20th, 2015 . ...

Jan 28, 2010

Misc Reading - Week of Jan 2

Let's see if I can be regular about this... Started out strong last year too, but .... Starting late this year.

  • Dilbert and the silent moron (link)
  • Mike Lester's cartoon on the aftershocks of the undie-bomber (link)
  • Joel Spolsky on the secret language at Microsoft (link)
  • Robert Cringely reminisces on the Y2K hype (link)
  • John Battelle on his predictions for 2010 (link)
  • Dilbert creator Scott Adams on measuring (link)
  • Daily Dose of Imagery Toronto video (link)
  • Daily Dose of Imagery timelapse video (link)
  • James Kalbach on Don Norman (link)
  • John Battelle on how he did with his 2009 predictions (link) - the key is to be specific very little, and general most of the time. If the specifics hit, you end up looking like a clairvoyant.
  • John Battelle has a link on a study on Facebook's ethnography (link)
  • Marshall Ramsey's cartoon on the effects of the undie-bomber and the new year (link)
  • Barry Ritholtz on his book being featured in a 'best' list (link)
  • Bob Sutton on his best posts of 2009 (link)
  • Grand tour of the universe (link)
  • Visualizing web traffic on the New York Times (link)
  • Scott Kelby on his pick of the best of 2009 (link)
  • Valleywag on the difference in prize money for Google contests (link)
  • People getting obsessed with weird search suggestions in Google (link)
  • Google's Go Language (link)
  • xkcd cartoon on birthdays and Dec 25 (link)
  • Bruce Schneier on Change Blindness (link)
  • Schneier on the Predator video link (link)
  • Why indulge in self-censorship for the sake of appearing politically correct?? See this and this.
  • Marshall Ramsey's cartoon on the underwear bomber (link)
  • Paul Krugman in the NY Times on the big zero that were the noughties (link)
  • Seth Godin on the evolution of every medium (link)
  • Seth Godin on bad graphs (link)
  • Eye on Oracle on the Top 10 posts on, what else, Oracle (link)
  • Presentation Zen post on books to make you a better presenter (link)
  • Anil Dash on Twitter's list suggest feature (now defunct) (link)
  • The dark side of the Twitterverse (link)
  • Valleywag takes a close look at Facebook's new (un)privacy features (link)
  • Seth Godin and Groucho Marx (link)
  • Sandeep takes a look at the Shah Bano case (link)
  • Not most-admired, but the most loathsome people of 2009 (link)
  • India is the world's biggest global headache. Yes. (link)
  • Schneier on the risks of airplane terrorism (link)
  • WTF on the Chief Development Officer (link)
  • WTF on Tales from the Interview (link)
  • Cringely ruminates on Microsoft (link)

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