Monday, February 15, 2010

Misc Reading - Week of Feb 8

  • Barry Ritholtz points to NY Times article on how Goldman Sachs looted billions from AIG [link]
  • Ritholtz, author of The Bailout Nation, explains the dismal economics of book writing. [link]
  • Bill Gates recommends some of the courses from The Teaching Company that he enjoyed [link]
  • Cringely on how start-ups generate most of the new jobs in the US - "big companies grow by increasing scale and productivity, ...while startups grow by inventing cool stuff. "[link]
  • Bob Sutton tries to find a word or phrase for "someone who "opts out of participating in something but then complains about the outcome."" [link]
  • Dan Heath posts about a new series on the New York Times site, started by a Cornell math professor. Look interesting. [link]
  • John Batelle on what sort of metrics marketers want from Twitter [link]
  • Joel Spolsky has a poorly argued and full of logical fallacies post on headcount [link]
  • Bruce Schneier posts excerpts from a post on an interview with a Nigerian internet scammer. Fascinating. [link]
  • The author of the 'Junk Charts' blog is coming out with a book - Numbers Rule Your World: The Hidden Influence of Probabilities and Statistics on Everything You Do [link]
  • John Batelle muses whether Google is losing its customer focus. [link]
  • Is this just another photo, or is it really 'the gayest photo from the Super Bowl'???[link]
  • Ritholtz links to a Fortune article on how Greenspan is trying to re-build his tattered reputation [link]
  • Continuing debate on Facebook vs. Gmail Buzz [link]
  • Fred Wilson from the Sillicon Alley Insider links to this very well-argued post on Flash vs. HTML5 [link]
  • Silicon Alley Insider post that Yelp walked away from $700 million offer from Microsoft. Will they regret it, or will Microsoft regret not upping the offer? [link]
  • Michael Arrington argues that Social today is where Search was in 1999 [link]
  • Henry Blodget wonders whether Google was lying earlier, or is it lying now? [link]
  • Heath Brothers post on 'customer service' [link]
  • Seth Godin on the three types of people when change comes a-calling [link]

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