Saturday, February 18, 2006

How Not To Abbreviate

Given that it's the Times of India, I am not surprised that this is the abbreviation it came up with for Computer Associates - Computer Ass!!

This is a 2004 story, and the screenshot had been on my hard disk a really long time...

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Sunday, February 12, 2006


Yet another addition to Bannerghatta Road - I think it is an absolutely wonderful thing that Bangalore continues to witness such a frenetic pace of construction; of both residential, commercial, and business complexes. And never mind that the municipal authorities continue to care as much as Musharraf cares about the Kashmiris. For the politicians and the babus sitting in power Bangalore and its citizens continue to be good for fleecing, robbing, and collecting bribes from (I do have some hopes from the new chief minister, HD Kumaraswamy... but only time shall tell).

The building in the foreground, the one with the blue glass, is one of Accenture's many buildings. This one looks like it can house at least three to four thousand people. The one coming up behind it is a gigantic monolith, at least ten to fifteen floors, and each floor in itself huge... Conservatively speaking, the new building should be able to house close to ten thousand people. All of whom, or at least a huge majority of which, would leave and arrive for work around the same evening and morning hours. And if anyone has seen the traffic and congestion on Bannerghatta road in and around Dairy Circle would have started thinking just how worse can the situation become. And mind you, there are absolutely no plans that the civic authorities have to do something like widen the road, or build a flyover, or do something to streamline the flow of traffic. Hip hip hurray for more anarchy and chaos. Thirty minutes to traverse half a kilometer may actually start looking like a breeze in a few months from now.
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