Monday, February 1, 2010

Misc Reading - Week of Jan 22-31

Misc reading links from the week of Jan 22 to the end of Jan, 2010
  • Koenraad Elst on Jyoti Basu [link]
  • James Kalbach reviews the book, "Free" [link]
  • Dilbert and the CEO visit [link]
  • Maybe people really do need to shut up, a little [link]
  • "Rocket Surgery Made Easy", from the author of "Don't Make Me Think" [link]
  • Scott Adams on his gift with words. [link]
  • Seth Godin on competition [link]
  • The structured vs unstructured data problem [link]
  • Schneier argues that it is not as easy to connect the dots as it appears in hindsight [link]
  • Schneier on the failure of full-body scanners [link]
  • Scott Kelby has a guest post on his blog, on photographic reality [link]
  • Paul Kedrosky's reading list [link]
  • Daily Dose of Imagery on permissions and shooting people [link]

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