Who Am I?

As our desire is, so is our will. 
As our will is, so are our acts. 
As we act, so we become. 
[4.4.6 Brihadaranyaka Upanishad]

I am a software engineer by education and by vocation. After high-school, I did my bacherlor's in computer engineering from the University of Mumbai, after which I worked for CMC for a couple of years, before heading off to the US like almost every other techie in India at the time. After a few years there, I returned to India, and have lived in Bangalore since. I worked at Oracle as a product manager, and while working there, also completed my master's in management from the Indian Institute of Management at Bangalore (post-graduate diploma, and a gold medal for best all-round performance, thank you). For something more formal, there's always LinkedIn.

For writing that is more focused on technology and around my line of work, you can check out my other blog.

I have loved reading for as long as I can remember; this blog therefore is an expression of that interest. For a little over two decades I have also dabbled in photography. This blog then splices these two interests.

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