Sunday, December 15, 2013

Canada, US, India - Indulging a passion for photography

Three photos, three countries, same year.
The first is from the Canadian city of Fredericton, which also happens to be the capital of the province of New Brunswick. I have a couple of posts on the town, where I spent two months. A most interesting period of time I spent, in what was one of the most eventful years of my life thus far. Spending January and February in Canada means braving lots of cold weather. Cold as in 20 degrees below zero degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, that's close to -30C. Cold as in wind chills of upto -45C. It is a whole different world of cold at those temperatures. Like hell-freezing-over kind of cold. But it makes for gorgeous photographs.

This below is somewhere on the US Pacific Coast in California, somewhere south of the San Francisco Bay Area. While the entire stretch of the coastal highway is one long, incredibly beautiful stretch of a long, winding highway hugging a rugged coast, the most beautiful and scenic stretches can be found in Oregon, in my opinion. Not that California is any less scenic. So when I pulled over by the side of the road to shoot this long, undulating stretch, I got an appreciative thumbs-up from this gentleman in the Pontiac.

This final photo is from the city of Bangalore, the city of gardens, the city of lakes, the IT capital of the country. I shot this photo by planting a tripod at the intersection of MG Road, Kasturba Road, and Queen's Road, with Cubbon Park on my right, and the Mahatma Gandhi park and Chinnaswamy Cricket stadium behind me, and shot off a long exposure shot. I don't remember the settings, but I think this was a ten or fifteen second exposure shot (which is why you need a tripod to steady the camera). I did get a few quizzical stares, but I have learned that if you want to indulge your passion for photography, you have to learn to ignore the stares and comments.

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