Sunday, June 3, 2012

Where's Hanuman, by Christopher Woods - my review

Where's Hanuman? Christopher Woods  (Illustrator) , Ben McClintic (Illustrator)
Excellent book that gives hours of entertainment and fun for children and adults alike
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5 stars

This is a book where you have to spot a character on every page - actually a double-page spread. The character is Hanuman, and there are more than a hundred other characters on each page, similarly drawn and colored, so finding Hanuman is like finding a needle in a haystack. There are 12 such double-spread pages, and on each page, not only do you have to locate Hanuman, but if you go to the end of the book, you will find a list of 12 other characters or objects that you could try and find.
If this were simply a book where only one character per page were to be spotted, this book would lose its appeal to children, and adults, very soon. However, with more than a hundred different characters to be spotted in the book, this book holds kids' attention for a far longer span of time. Furthermore, more than one child can use this book at the same time, engaged in some sort of a competition to see who can spot the character first.

Each of the twelve pages has a theme, and on each page, as I said, there's not only Hanuman but also a dozen other characters and things to be spotted.
  1. Sita’s Wedding
  2. Parasuram
  3. Demons in the Forest
  4. Fight with Bali
  5. Coronation of Sugriva
  6. Marshalling the Armies
  7. Marching to Lanka
  8. Ravana’s Palace
  9. Building the Bridge
  10. Field Battle
  11. Attacking Lanka
  12. Pushpaka
In summary, this is a fun book that can be enjoyed by the family together, and can provide several hours of quality family time going over the beautiful illustrations, hunting for that elusive character.

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