Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend reading list

Azure Blues - Robert Cringely argues, persuasively, that Moore's law will bring the same sort of disruptive enablement to the world of solar energy as it has to other spheres in the technology world. Interesting reading for sure.

Wisdom From Steve Jobs: The Importance of Killing Good Ideas - the title says it all. If you do not know what is good, then you do not know what is bad. What is probably left unsaid is that you have to have the right people in the first place, who are able to come up with good ideas. Mediocre people will come up with mediocre ideas. Sifting through mediocre ideas and mistaking them for good ones does not help.

Are visual analysis tools poised to become pervasive? - Stephen Few argues, using Tableau as an example.

Scrabble - if you follow the cartoons, then this one is entirely in character with the strip.

Gary Hamel: All Bankers Who Get Federal Funds Should Be Required To Tattoo "Stupidity is Contagious" On Their Foreheads - Gary Hamel is a professor of strategy, and a past collaborator with Prof CK Prahalad.