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Devi Mahatmya - 12

Devi Mahatmya - Markandeya Purana, tr. by Bibek Debroy

Ch 11 - Chapter 12 (Ch 89 in the book) - Ch 13

In this chapter, the goddess describes the benefits of chanting this stuti, and says that this is a description of the destruction of the asuras Madhu and Kaitabha, Mahishasura, and Shumbh and Nishumbha. If recited according to proper rites, this mahatmya would remove all calamity and suffering. This mahatmya, the goddess said, must be read with a controlled mind, listened to with devotion, and quell epidemics, evil portents, and three kinds of calamities (Adhyatmika, adhidaivika and adhibhoutika). If read properly at a place, the devi would make that her abode. A man who listened to her account would be freed from fear, his lineage is satisfied, his enemies are vanquished. Children are freed from demons who may have seized them. Its reading assures the destruction of rakshasas, bhutas, and pishachas.

Thus the goddess continued. After she had finished, she vanished. Finishing his account, the rishi told the king that the goddess pervaded the entire brahmanda, was Mahakali at the time of the time of the great destruction, is the great epidemic (mahamaari), she is without birth, is the cause of all creation, and resides in the homes in the form of Lakshmi, and when absent, resides in the form of Alakshmi.

Reference: Markandeya Purana, translated by Bibek Debroy. Published by Penguin, 2019. The Devi Mahatmya is covered in chapters 78-90 of the Markandeya Purana. 
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