Saturday, May 18, 2013

Oxford Book Shop, MG Mall

I had read or heard that the Oxford Bookstore at the 1 MG Mall in Bangalore was huge. That was the attraction for me to visit it. I was wrong. The bookstore is not that big, though the ambience is nice, the bookstore is quiet, and there is a coffee store right inside the store for you to enjoy a cuppa whilst the children browse the aisles. There is a small but nicely done up kids area, and on small wall a set of beautiful coffee table books put up.

The selection of books is what I would expect - a mix of the bestsellers, the popular authors, the current fad of management buzzword collections, and so on.

The mall, 1 MG Road, is as you may guess, a high-end mall, and you will find stores like Estee Lauder, The Body Shop, Manchester United, and a largish grocery and foods store where you can also buy and eat some snacks. The mall is small, and feels sort of cramped, and funnily enough I could locate only one elevator in the entire mall, stuck at the corner of the mall, close to the toilets.

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