Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Paper Bag Princess, by Robert Munsch, Michael Martchenko

The Paper Bag Princess (Annikins)
Robert N. Munsch (Author), Michael Martchenko (Illustrator)
"You Go Girl!!!"
(Amazon, Kindle, Flipkart, Powell's, Goodreads)
5 stars
It is the prince that gets kidnapped by a fiery, fire-spewing dragon. It is the princess that gets to go and try and rescue the prince in distress. The princess has nothing to wear except a paper bag, and hence the title of the book. What happens next is a mix of intelligence, spunk, and a don't-take-nonsense attitude from our young princess. A welcome change from the fairy tales where the princess has nothing to do but pine for the dashing brave prince to rescue the princess.
The book is beautifully illustrated, with a a couple of lines of text for each full-page color illustration. I purchased and read the Kindle e-book version, and on your computer or tablet, the book is a treat to read.

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