Sunday, October 7, 2012

Head-on Collision

Admit it, the title of the post made you look, didn't it? It's the morbid fascination with the macabre that we harbor, hidden mostly, but latent, dormant, and waiting to surface at all times, that makes us go rubber-necking on highways.
There is a traffic police post on Bannerghatta Road, opposite the Gopalan Mall, and which is therefore also the site of many a dented and accidented vehicle that have been towed or driven here, waiting for the police investigation to be completed, before these vehicles can be taken to their final resting places. It is here that you get to see some frisson-inducing spectacles, like this one. There have been worse, I am sure, but this one is no less hair-raising. A white mini-van and a black hatchback in what looks like an almost full-frontal collision. Not at very high speed though, because the windshield has not cracked for either vehicle.

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