Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Reversal by Michael Connelly - Review

The Reversal (Harry Bosch)
A reversal of roles, a possible reversal of a verdict.
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5 stars
Mickey Haller, defender of the accused, is asked to lead the prosecution for the retrial of a convicted child murderer who has won for himself a retrial, based on, you guessed it, DNA evidence. So the first reversal is that of roles, where Mickey Haller is now trying to put the bad guy into jail, rather than try and get him freed. The second is not so much a reversal as fighting a reversal. The person charged with murder could be set free, unless Haller, Bosch, and - Haller's ex-wife, can find enough evidence to put the accused back in jail, for good. That is, of course, assuming he is guilty. Throw into the mix a witness - the victim's sister, reluctant to testify at the trial, and who has a boatload of issues from the past, that are most likely going to be raked up should she choose to testify. Add to that an unctuous defense lawyer, Jessop, who is not above, or should I say below, manipulating the media to win for himself some good publicity and for his client a possible acquittal. Yes, you are not supposed to like the defense attorney.

This is also a Harry Bosh novel, because Harry Bosch does a lot of the investigating, including chasing down the reluctant witness. Harry Bosch, by the way, is a police detective, and a recurring character in Michael Connelly's novels, and five or six 'Harry Bosch' novels have been published to date. The writing in 'The Reversal' is taut, and the courtroom scenes are engrossing and do not drown out the plot. There is enough drama that unfolds outside the courtroom also to keep you turning the pages. The suspense over the trial inside the courtroom is matched by the events that unfold outside, with a real sense of danger engulfing both Mickey Haller and Harry Bosch. Lastly, there is Haller's ex-wife, with whom Haller is on good terms, and who serves as an assistant to the prosecution. A happy, or not so happy, family that plays together I suppose.

All in all, a fast-paced, racy, suspenseful legal thriller.

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