Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Reads from Amazon at $3.99 or less

Amazon has brought out a targeted list of discounted e-books for Halloween - Chilling Halloween Reads. I don't do a whole lot of fiction reading, and certainly even less of the horror genre. However, there are a few books that are familiar and famous, including one that I had read almost 20 years ago.

I know these books because these have been turned into iconic movies...
Rosemary's Baby - I watched this movie with my brother almost 15 years ago. Some parts are scary, yes.

The Exorcist: 40th Anniversary Edition - when growing up, the movie based on this book was often referred to as the scariest movie ever, and dozens of urban legends grew around it. As an adult, the movie seems much less scarier. Nonetheless.

Again, I haven't read the book, The Shining, but who can forget the "here's johnny!!!" line by Jack Nicholson in the movie.

I saw this book's movie, featuring Will Smith, and that's one cracker of a scary movie. I do plan on reading the e-book shortly. I Am Legend (Richard Matheson Series)

Now, this is one book I did read, but the movie I haven't seen. Maybe I should. Carrie

The Silence of the Lambs - Anthony Hopkins made Hannibal Lecter immortal in the movie. The movie seems to have lost a little bit of its edge over the past 20+ years, but is still well worth a watch.

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