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Flipkart and Focus 4 - Beware the Whispering Death

The fourth part of my series on Flipkart and its apparent loss of Focus and its battle with Amazon appeared in DNA on April 20th, 2015 . ...

Sep 3, 2011

Idiots on roads - 9

Think about it. With both hands full with holding these boxes, what options does this pillion rider have should the moped skid or lose control, or even have to brake suddenly? Either the pillion rider chooses to keep holding on to the boxes, and risks hurting himself seriously, or he lets go of the boxes and uses his now free hands to brace himself for the impact. In which case the boxes fly loose on the road, risking other motorists. If holding one box of what looks like apparel from Proline in each  hand is not enough, this genius has gone ahead and placed two boxes on his left thigh. On the other hand, you have admire the guy's seeming nonchalance.

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