Sunday, July 10, 2011

Terminal 3, Delhi International Airport

When I had blogged last year about the T3 terminal of the Delhi International Airport, I was wrong. That was not the T3 terminal. I need to put in a correction there.
However, these below are photographs of T3.

BlackBerry, the once-formidable brand in enterprise smartphones, seems to be in a terminal death-spiral. Here it is, making its final stand at the terminal.

The escalator to the food court can be seen at the right.

The view from the food court.

The number of stalls at the food court seems to be less. Maybe there are more in the pipeline?

I don't know why people crib about the long walk from the gate to the terminal exit. There are moving walkways that can take you from the farthest gate to the baggage claim area without your having to walk more than a few steps. Yes, if the walkways stop working, for whatever reason, then be prepared to work up a good appetite.

These are the walk-alators I was referring to.

Ample seating area for each gate.

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