Sunday, February 20, 2011

Idiots on roads - 3

Straight off the bat, without even describing this photo, let me tell you there are two idiots in this photo. One you see, the other you don't. The other idiot you don't see in this photo would be me, who took this photo.
So, where is this photo from? This is from highway NH206, to Jog Falls. The Mahindra Bolero here (I think it is a Bolero) is being used as a taxi. The genius riding half in, half out, or actually mostly out, is likely an employee for the taxi operator. He has probably done this a thousand times before, this riding in this manner with the vehicle. I don't need to elaborate why I think he is an idiot.

Why am I an idiot? Well, several reasons. Because I am operating a camera while driving. While driving on a highway. Driving so close to this idiot on a car that if he were to slip, well... the end-results would be messy.

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