Monday, September 6, 2010

Dhauladhar Silhouttes and Himalayas

Once you are in Dalhousie (see my earlier post On the road to Dalhousie), you can select from a number of hotels and lodges there. The photos below have been taken from the Hotel Mount View, and the location does do credit to the hotel's name. Yes - the view from the hotel is that of the mountains indeed. From the outlook you get not only a view of the valley below, but also of the Dhauladhars, the Pir Panjals, and of the mighty Himalayas.

It doesn't really make a difference what time of the day you take a look, the view is guaranteed to
be magnificent, awe-inspiring, beautiful, serene, majestic, and eminently clickable. You could spend an entire day just photographing the same spot. Each hour is guaranteed to bring something new to behold, as the sunlight travels from one end of the skies to the other end, illuminating parts of the peaks, hiding others, bathing some in its light, while some others are visible only by their silhouttes. No wonder poets over the centuries have found inspiration from the timeless beauty of these mountains.

During the summer months, which is the peak of the tourist season, none of the ranges are really snow capped. Most, if not all the snow has melted, and is awaiting the beginning of autumn for snow to start forming again. Not so with the Himalayas, which remain snow-capped all year round. Standing tall and majestic behind the smaller ranges, with their snow-capped peaks they almost appear to be floating in the skies, just behind the Dhauladhars and Pir Panjals, blending with the clouds, but also above them.

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