Monday, May 17, 2010

Terminal 2 at New Delhi Airport

Correction: Nov 08, 2010 - these are photos of Terminal 1D or 2D from the New Delhi Airport. Evidently I was mistaken... this post,, has photos of the actual Terminal 3.

The recently completed Terminal 3 at the New Delhi Airport is a much needed and greatly appreciated improvement over the facilities that existed before. As far as size goes it is not that huge, but the facilities there are a pleasure. There is a small food court on the upper level, while the waiting area sports a bookstore and about a dozen other stores. There are a few laptop stations where you can plug-in your laptop computer and get some work done. There is a charging station where you can plug in your cell phone, with charging ends provided to suit many different types of phones. And yes, there is free wi-fi provided. You do have to register, provide your cell phone number, to which a temporary password to connect is provided.

GMR Web site page for Delhi Airport
Official site of the New Delhi Airport

This is the waiting area.

On the left in the photo below is the baggage check-in area. There are probably close to a 100 check-in stations, which should mean a goodbye to long waiting lines. Frequent travelers will know better whether this happens in reality or not. The security screening area is however not that large.

From the waiting area you take the escalator to the boarding gates below. There is only limited seating available down below, so it is advisable to stay put in the waiting area on the first floor till your flight boarding is announced.

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