Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reading from the week of Feb 22

Selected reading from the week of Feb 22, 2010.
  • This could have been a good post, but lots of immature thinking ruins this post on product management and saving good features for later [link]
  • Steve Jobs is the considered god of presentations. So you won't find him saying these things during a presentation. [link]
  • Will Wall Street drink the Apple iPad koolaid? Valleywag muses. [link]
  • Pakistani taxi driver and his Google skills. Amazing :-) [link]
  • The creepy world of sci-fi is soon becoming reality. Stalkers, cell phones, and face recognition programs. [link]
  • Stories behind still images. [link]
  • More on creepy real-life scenarios. This time a school spying on kids via webcams. [link]
  • Bruce Schneier on the usefulness, or lack thereof, of surveillance cameras. [link]
  • Dilbert creator Scott Adams muses whether Gmail has had any usability person ever take a look at its interface. [link]
  • Paul Kedrosky on a tale of two cities. A tale of relative per-capita personal incomes... [link]
  • Old one, but still as funny standup act on how not to use PowerPoint. [link]
  • Schneier links to this excerpt written by Mark Twain on risk perception. [link]
  • Scientific American laments that the opaque data agreements between ISPs threatens the future of the internet. [link]
  • Stephen Few is not overly impressed with a new book on Information Graphics. [link]
  • Dilbert on useless tasks. [link]
  • Ritholtz links to some good articles. Link to post, link to New Yorker article on Krugman, an Esquire article on movie critic Roger Ebert and his battle with cancer.
  • Managers who can't manage and leaders who can't lead are not news. But programmers who cannot program? Jeff Atwood at Coding Horror muses. [link]
  • Amitabh Bachchan goes down memory lane. [link]

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