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Upanishads - Taittriya

The Upanishads

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Taittriya Upanishad
Spiritual economics: "Never disrespect food; never throw food away; the earth is an inexhaustible source of food. Each creature becomes food for others after death; let us swear we will never turn away whoever seeks for food!"
Part I, 3, 3: What is education? Teacher speaking to the disciple seated by his side, Wisdom between, discourse connecting them.
Part II, 1.1: From Brahman came space; from space, air; from air, fire; water, from water; Earth, from earth, plants, from plants, food; and from food The human body, head, arms, legs, and heart.
Part II, 2.1: From food are made all bodies, which become
Food again for  others after their death.
Those who look upon food as they Lord's gift
Shall never lack life's physical comforts.
From food are made all bodies. All bodies
Feed on food, and it feeds on all bodies.
Part II, 4.1: Within the mental sheath, made up of waves
Of thought, there is contained the sheath of wisdom.
It has the same form, with faith as the head,
Righteousness as right arm and truth as left.
Practice meditation is its heart,
And discrimination its foundation.
Part II, 7.1: Before the universe was created,
Braman existed as unmanifested.
Brahman brought the Lord out of himself;
Therefore he is called the Self-existent.

Part III, 1.1: Bhrigu went to his father, Varuna,
And asked respectfully: "What is Brahman?"
Varuna replied: "First learn about food,..."
Part III 2.1: Bhrigu meditated and found that food is Brahman. ...
Part III 3.1: Bhrigu meditated and found that life is Brahman. ...
Part IV, 4.1:  Bhrigu meditated and found that mind is Brahman. ...

Part IV, 5.1:  Bhrigu meditated and found that wisdom is Brahman. ...

Part IV, 6.1:  Bhrigu meditated and found that joy is Brahman. ...

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