Saturday, October 28, 2006

Multnomah Falls

This photo of Multnomah Falls, that I took in 2000, is one of my favourite photos, and have an enlargement that hangs in my house. As I remember, I had to place my camera on a tripod for this, and the exposure was 2 seconds. This image is a scan of the print photo, so something had indeed been lost in the scan... Anyway.

You can read more about Multnomah Falls on Wikipedia, and here is another link from the site. This is the link from the US Forest Service site.
This is what the Wikipedia entry has to say about the fall:
"The falls drops in two major steps, split into an upper falls of 542 feet and a lower falls of 69 feet, with a gradual 9 foot drop in elevation between the two, so the total height of the waterfall is conventionally given as 620 feet."
A foot trail leads to Benson Footbridge, a 45-foot-long footbridge that allows visitors to cross 105 feet above the lower cascade.

This below is the 242 foot Wahkeen Fall, one of the many beautiful falls along the historic Columbia River Gorge highway.

This below is the view from one of the trails along the Multnomah Falls. Just beyond the photo, not visible, is the interstate highway, that runs parallel to the Columbia River.

I didn't go to the Benson Bridge that is visible in the photo below - maybe some other time...

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