Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Prey by Michael Crichton

Prey by Michael Crichton (Flipkart, Kindle e-book)

5 stars

Just finished reading Michael Crichton's 'Prey' (see book page on Amazon.com, link to book page on Michael's web site). Compared with the last fiction novel I read - Baldacci's The Winner (link on Amazon.com) - this is a far, far better written and researched book. "Prey" holds your interest, has a good plot, and the pace is well maintained. The details at times may bore those uninterested in the minutaue, but the technical gore is kept to a minimum. The pace at which the bio-engineered nanoparticles evolve is a bit too fast to be entirely plausible, or the level of sophistication that they become capable of within a few weeks, but is well presented to make it at least a little bit plausible.

Kindle Excerpt:

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