Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Bangalore Crumbling - 2

I have been posting about Bangalore and its crumbling infrastructure for some time now on this blog. And I have focused on Bannerghatta Road, by far the worst road in Bangalore, and now holder of the dubious distinction of having been voted as the worst road in India on NDTV.

This photo is of the start of the 'public private' partnership road, that was asphalted, 4-laned, not 6 months back.

A teeny weeny bit of rain and there you have it - the state of the road is there for all to see.

To be honest this is not strictly Bannerghatta Road, but a service road that runs parallel to it. I use the word 'road' only in the loosest of terms, as I don't quite have an adjective to describe what I shot here.

Bangalore civic authorities have a ready solution for the road degradation... simply cover it up with stones and mud and hope it doesn't rain.

I wonder if the government realizes the farcical humour in this sign... 9 crores is not a small sum, except for govt babus and politicians. 9 crores could have constructed an equal length of a national highway quality road. But only in Bangalore - it wasn't enough to asphalt a four lane stretch that could last even half a monsoon.

Property developers still try and market properties in and around JP Nagar's 9th phase as 'elite' and equivalent to living in a developed country. Talk about intense cognitive dissonance!

It's amazing how just one junction on Bannerghatta Road can yield such a rich treasure of corruption and incompetence.

This takes the cake - these stones have been here for the better part of the year, and the road itself has been closed off to traffic for some two and a half years.
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