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Flipkart and Focus 4 - Beware the Whispering Death

The fourth part of my series on Flipkart and its apparent loss of Focus and its battle with Amazon appeared in DNA on April 20th, 2015 . ...

Oct 17, 2005

KBC 2005 and the 1 crore question

From the Oct 05 KBC, where a software professional from Infosys won 50 lakhs (that is 5 million rupees). The question for 1 crore rupees stumped him. The first life-line he used was the phone-a-friend, which didn't help

Left wondering what to do, with Big B very concerned about our contestant doing something silly at this stage.

So our contestant decides to 'flip' the question; which was just as well, given that his guess would have been wrong!
Well... the next question didn't help, as you can tell from his expression

And an audience poll was not too conclusive. At this stage, the contestant decided to quit, leaving with 50 lakhs. The answer, btw, was 'Overarm bowling

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