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Flipkart and Focus 4 - Beware the Whispering Death

The fourth part of my series on Flipkart and its apparent loss of Focus and its battle with Amazon appeared in DNA on April 20th, 2015 . ...

Sep 13, 2005

The Elephant on the Road

More on elephants. As an Indian, I am used to seeing all creatures great and small share the same road and habitat as us humans. Dogs, cows, buffaloes, sheep, goats, cats, elephants, camels, monkeys, rodents, and what have you. Elephants are a little rarer than others, but I have been lucky enough to spot them a couple of different times. This was a few months back, again on Bannerghatta Road.
In the photo below the building on the right is the Javadeva Institute of Cardiology.

The oval shaped building in the background is the Jal Bhavan, offices of the water supply board. About a hundred yards behind the elephant are the offices of IBM and EMC.

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