Friday, October 14, 2011

Monkeys in Kodaikanal

As you approach the hills or jungles, you get to see lots and lots of monkeys. On trees, by the roadside, and just about everywhere. More so along the roads because of highway drivers that sometimes stop to throw food for the monkeys.
No different when in Kodaikanal (see my earlier post, On the road to Kodaikanal and all posts labeled kodaikanal). These are photos of some of the hundreds of monkeys we passed during our drive to Kodaikanal and while there.

Some of the monkeys have hairdos you would be proud to get from a salon.

Monkeys are social animals. When they live in groups they also fight for territorial rights. A sign of aggression is to bare their teeth. Look at the canines and you will realize why monkeys can be so dangerous. These canines are long enough and attached to jaws strong enough to inflict mortal wounds on even full-grown adults. Hence it is a good idea to steer clear of monkeys, not to throw food at them because that will attract their attention even more towards you, not to tease them, not to throw stones at them, and lastly, to stay away from groups of monkeys where there are small monkeys.

This monkey below could appear on the cover of GQ and look dapper-er than most of the models that grace its cover I suspect. A most distinguished looking specimen of its species. Hats off.

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