Monday, November 7, 2005

Bangalore Malls

The Prestige Forum Mall is perhaps the most popular mall in Bangalore, and certainly seems to be the most profitable, given the amount of people that throng its aisles.

The mall opened in Feb 2004, and therefore the atrium looks so deserted - when I photographed it around that time.

I have never carried a tripod inside the mall, so I had to rest the camera on something that was a bit low, but I still liked the results. The reflections of the store on the floor is what makes this photo interesting to me.

With a tripod and a longer exposure this shot would look a lot better, but still, I will take this.

Given the total traffic chaos and mess on this stretch of road, it looks almost unbelievable that so little traffic can be seen...

This shot is again inside the Forum mall. The people here have thronged to the Coffee Day outlet that had a television set to watch the last few overs of the first one-day match between India and Pakistan in Pakistan. I believe this was -the- last over, and every dot ball drew deafeningly loud cheers and whistles. Yes, cricket in India still has the power to unite people like nothing else!

A wide (stitched) shot of the foodcourt in Forum mall.

The first day of the year 2005. The number of people was simply amazing.

Garuda mall on Magrath Road is one of the latest additions to the rapidly growing list of malls in Bangalore. Relatively uncrowded, for the time being.

The foodcourt map at Garuda Mall.

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