Saturday, January 9, 2010

We Must Have No Price - Arun Shourie's New Book

 We Must Have No Price is Arun Shourie's latest book, published by Rupa & Co.

How did India respond to the terrorist assault on Mumbai? Why does it never have any option when such assaults occur? How real is the threat from China, what should India do to brace itself for it? Will Pakistan deflect the terrorists it has spawned back into India? What should be the contours of our defence policy?

Category: Current Affairs
Sub Category:
Number of pages: 342
Book Size: 6x9
Book Weight (Hardbound): 1000 gm
Book Weight (Paperback): gm
Published in: 12/01/2009
Available in: Hardbound
ISBN_HB: 9788129115638

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