Saturday, January 23, 2010

Most viewed posts of 2009

Based on data returned by Google Analytics, these are the 10 posts in 2009 that attracted the maximum page views, in descending order of page views:
  1. UB City Mall, Bangalore
  2. Rajdhani Restaurant at UB City Mall - this and the first ranked post that I can't understand this at all. Maybe UB City Mall is really so popular, and that too outside Bangalore. In fact, most of the hits seem to be from outside Bangalore, and many from outside India.
  3. Bandipur and Mudumalai National Parks 
  4. Chunnambar and Paradise Beach 
  5. Maserati on Church Street - another post that I cannot explain the popularity of.
  6. Coorg and Dubare Elephant Camp
  7. Colonel Bailey's Dungeon, Srirangapatna - I like this one. One of the first posts where I included an embedded Google Map with the location.
  8. Strand Book Stall Mid-Year Sale
  9. New Car and Gas Tanker - I can only imagine that the morbid fascination people have with the macabre made them click this link, only to be disappointed.
  10. Coorg - Irupu Falls -these are quite beautiful, and not too frequented by tourists, thanks to the absolutely, indescribably 20 kms of bad roads that lead up to these falls.

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