Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep, by Maureen Wright

Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep!, by Maureen Wright, Will Hillenbrand
Sleep, Sweep, Jeep - It's All the Same!
5 stars
(my review on Amazon)
This is a short tale of a big bear's attempts to follow his friend's, Old Man Winter, advice to go to sleep. Winter is approaching, and our big bear needs to sleep. However, if the big bear is hard of hearing, the results can be different, and hilarious. The book is gorgeously illustrated, and when read out to kids, will evoke squeals of laughter from them. The e-book Kindle version is of high quality - the illustrations show no signs of pixellation on a tablet, and if you pinch to zoom on the text, it pops out out, making it easier to read. The story itself is not the point of this book, if one were to choose to crib over the non-existent plot. It is a picture book at its heart, and as such the illustrations are marvelous. The rhyming sentences add a cadence to the story.
A nice book for children to cozy up to. Enjoyable when read out aloud to them, enjoyable for children to see and try and read on their own too.

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