Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mahabharata, by Bibek Debroy-Kindle Versions

Bibek Debroy, the translator of the mammoth unabridged Mahabharata translation, informed his readers that the Kindle ebook versions of four of the five volumes published so far are now available on

This is fantastic news for readers for several reasons. Now you do not need to order the book and wait a day or two or more for the book to arrive. Buy the book and read it on your Kindle device, smartphone, or computer in a matter of minutes. This convenience is going to be especially appreciated by readers in the US for instance, where the physical book is either mostly out of stock or ridiculously expensive. The ebook versions are all priced under $10, which is about what you pay for the paper books in India (they are priced at Rs 599 I believe).

You can quickly search through the text, something that can prove to be frustrating when you are looking at 3000 pages spread over five volumes.

When writing reviews, long ones like I love to, copying and pasting text is easier than typing it all by hand - trust me, and if you don't, see some of my reviews.

On the other hand, e-books do not quite convey the same sense of involvement when reading. It is difficult to get a sense of progress on an e-book. Read Nicholas Carr's excellent book, also a Pulitzer finalist in 2010, The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains. My review of the book is here.

And, what happened to the beautiful covers and the illustrations on the spines of the five volumes? The snake sacrifice, the game of dice, Karna's kavacha and kundala, Go-harana, or Arjuna's rath. The different colors on the five volumes? What you do get is a plain vanilla Penguin logo.

Vol. 1: AmazonKindleFlipkart
Vol. 2: AmazonKindleFlipkart
Vol. 3: Amazon, KindleFlipkart
Vol. 5: KindleAmazonFlipkart
Vol. 6: Amazon USKindle US FlipkartKindle UKAmazon UK

Vol. 1 Kindle Excerpt:

Vol. 2 Kindle Excerpt:

Vol. 3 Kindle Excerpt:

Vol. 5 Kindle Excerpt:

Vol. 6 Kindle Excerpt:

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