Wednesday, November 29, 2006

RK Laxman Cartoons

Some recent "You Said It" cartoons by Laxman.

This one below is actually a rerun (note the "TOI Archives" caption at the top), and you can notice the clean lines and richness of the illustration. This was done before RK Laxman's stroke.

This one below is more recent, and you can see the difference the stroke has made to Laxman's cartoon... the wit is ever present and gentle but sharp, but the lines are a little less precise... The great cartoonist is in his 80s (born 1924, see his bio on Wikipedia)...

This cartoon is in reference to the spate of drunken drivers killing pedestrians (Salman Khan, Nanda, and others...).

The last one is from the Sunday Times edition, and most likely would have originally appeared as a "Science Smiles" pocket cartoon.

By the way, do you know that RK Laxman and Bal Thackeray once worked together? I have a book that contains some of the very early cartoons by both these people...
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