Monday, October 23, 2006

Jayadeva Flyover

Jayadeva Flyover in Bangalore - the night before it opened to the public.
If you see the flyover now, and the traffic that flows through the underpass, I sure am glad I got this photo for posterity.

This is from near the underpass. If you can spot the plants, it is worth noting that they were gone the next day.

Closer to the underpass, you can see that the combination of yellow lights to the underpass, and white lights in the underpass made for an interesting photograph.

This building on the left is Mantri Commerce. The road near this intersection -of Mantri Commerce and Casa Ansal - is more than six lanes wide...

During the day, I also managed to walk up the connector (is that the right word, or is it something else?) and take this photo - this leading towards Jayanagar / JP Nagar.

These are the Laxmi/Ganesh idols, to be used for the inauguration of the flyover.

While the city goes to the dogs, thanks to inept, apathetic babus and netas (I had to take a shot :), how could I not snap this dog having a siesta, even as he kept one eye on me (and I both eyes on him).

Any guesses what this granite slab would have had inscribed on it?

This frantic cement pouring work took place the day before the opening of the flyover. And I think this is the last set of photos I have to post on the Jayadeva Flyover - I may do a reprise sometime later...

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