Monday, March 20, 2006

Jayadeva Hospital Flyover


This is the Jayadeva flyover, March 2006. Since traffic has not yet been allowed, and probably won't be for many more months to come, I could walk up the ramp and take photos. There were more than a few inquisitive glances in my direction... but I have become used to them by now!

This is the leg of the flyover that has been opened to traffic. The honorable chief minister Dharam Singh had proudly inaugurated this in Feb 2004, and the corrupt and incompetent babus of Bangalore had patted themselves on their backs on a job well screwed up. They promptly forgot about the rest of the flyover. The CM had promised that the rest of the work would be completed 'soon'.

Though some work has taken place on the flyover since the last time I took photos, some 8 months back, there seems to be at least another six months worth of work still left. Ok, in a normal scheme of things it should not take more than a month, but this is the corrupt, inefficient, incompetent Bangalore civic authorities we are talking about. They do have a fig leaf here - the contract is being implemented by the UP State Bridge Corporation. Need I say more?

Paintwork in progress on the flyover. Actually makes you feel that this leg of the flyover shall be opened up soon. The underpass is a long ways from being complete... so this is probably the turn of HDK to do a Dharam Singh and come inaugurate the flyover's span. This is a question I have: how many inaugurations can a simple flyover suffer before it is actually usable by the people?

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