Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sun Ads and Dell

Sun has turned the heat on Dell in recent times, and they are certainly not pulling any punches! Look at some of their recent blogs as well as marketing campaigns and you get the idea that Sun has decided that Dell may be a most vulnerable target for their x86 servers.
Here is a sampling:
  • Johnathan Schwartz's blog calls Dell "Slow, hot, and huge" in his blog. 
  • Schartz again, using the recent high oil prices, takes a dig at Dell, insinuating that Dell is close to big oil companies and therefore may not have a real incentive to turn out less power hungry servers. 
  • Marc Hamilton has a detailed analysis of why the power outages faced by the University of Buffalo can be attributed, partly, to their decision to go with Dell servers. 
  • And finally, Sun has a list of comparative ads against Dell that they could not run in print as magazines deemed them too provocative. 
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