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Ch 283 - Dyuta Parva

283 chapter (overall). Ch 58 of Sabha Parva
Reading of Chapter 283 (overall), chapter 58 (within the Sabha Parva)
(Dyuta Parva: 27th Parva as per the 100-Parva classification; Sabha Parva: 2nd parva as per the 18-Parva classification)
(read from Mahabharata Volume 2 (The complete, unabridged Mahabharata)translated by Bibek Debroy)

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The stake that shamed a clan and sparked  debate.

Here, in this chapter, the game of dice resumes. Shakuni taunts Yudhishtra, goading him to play, and lose, more.
"O Kaunteya! Do you have any other riches that you have you have not lost yet?"
Yudhishtra, not in control of his senses by this time, retorts,
"O Shakuni! O Soubala! I know of unlimited riches that I possess."
And Shakuni then proceeds to win Yudhishtra's unlimited riches, his cattle, horses, then his city, the country, the land, and then finally, his brothers.

After winning Nakula and Sahdeva from Yudhishtra, Shakuni plunges the dagger of taunts deeper into Yudhishtra. Shakuni is the careful, deliberate, in-control player who knows precisely what words to use when. Yudhishtra is by now but a pawn in Shakuni's hands.
O king! I have now won Madri's two sons, dear to you. But I think you regard Bhimasena and Dhananjaya as dearer."
Yudhishtra then stakes himself - "I myself am left..."

Yudhistra loses himself. Shakuni is not quite done yet. He says, tempting Yudhishtra.
"But you have your beloved queen, who has still not been won in the game. Use Krishna Panchali as a stake and using her, win back yourself."
While everyone else in the sabha cried out "shame", Dhritarashtra "was delighted and failing to control his emotions, repeatedly kept asking, 'Has he won? Has the stake been won?'"

Shakuni "instantly flung the dice and said, "'I have won.'"

I have read this chapter from Vol.2 of Bibek Debroy's translation of the unabridged Mahabharata. You can find my review of the volume here.
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