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Ch 281 - Dyuta Parva

281 chapter (overall). Ch 56 of Sabha Parva
Reading of Chapter 281 (overall), chapter 56 (within the Sabha Parva)
(Dyuta Parva: 27th Parva as per the 100-Parva classification; Sabha Parva: 2nd parva as per the 18-Parva classification)
(read from Mahabharata Volume 2 (The complete, unabridged Mahabharata)translated by Bibek Debroy)

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This is an even shorter chapter than Ch 280, and about one page long.
Vidura continues his interjection, and censures Dhritarashtra, saying, "Duryodhana is gambling with Pandava and it pleases you because you think he is winning." He also implores the king to send Shakuni away, to "whence he came."

Vidura alludes to two two important things here. The first is his remark about Dhritarashtra, who was less concerned about the humiliation of his nephew, and more about seeing his son win. The second is as much a barb at Shakuni as it is at Dhritarashtra. To live for so long at his sister-in-law's house as Shakuni had was a cause of much of the problems in the house of Kuru. Only the King could order Shakuni back to Gandhar. And of course, the King did no such thing.

I have read this chapter from Vol.2 of Bibek Debroy's translation of the unabridged Mahabharata. You can find my review of the volume here.
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