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Ch 278 - Dyuta Parva

278 chapter (overall). Ch 53 of Sabha Parva
Reading of Chapter 278 (overall), chapter 53 (within the Sabha Parva)
(Dyuta Parva: 27th Parva as per the 100-Parva classification; Sabha Parva: 2nd parva as per the 18-Parva classification)
(read from Mahabharata Volume 2 (The complete, unabridged Mahabharata)translated by Bibek Debroy)

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Reading of Chapter 278 (overall), chapter 53 (within the Sabha Parva)

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"I have won."
In this chapter, the gambling begins, the first throw of the dice sees Shakuni winning. Before that, however, Yudhishtra appeals for a fair game of dice, expresses surprise that Shakuni will be rolling the dice, even though it is Duryodhana who will decide the stakes, and finally, stakes a "chain of gems, inlaid in supreme gold"

I have read this chapter from Vol.2 of Bibek Debroy's translation of the unabridged Mahabharata. You can find my review of the volume here.
Mahabharata Volume 2 (The complete, unabridged Mahabharata) (Amazon.comKindleFlipkart)

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